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Nail Art at Home Hello

No salon required!

Original Sugar is dedicated to bringing gorgeous nail art within the reach of anyone that loves it! And who doesn’t?

We’re here to share with you our years of industry experience, along with tips, techniques and products that helped along the way!  

Be inspired, be creative, we’ll do the rest.

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Sheet size 14 x 14cm

Use these foils to make your hands shimmer and shine, each nail stunning and simply divine!  Your nails will look amazing with our Original Sugar gold and silver leaf foils - and you will be equally amazed by how simple it is to apply! Add as much or as little as you like to your designs. Simply tear a piece off the foil sheet using tweezers and place onto wet/tacky polish.  Then seal & protect it with a generous topcoat - it scrunches up and gives a beautiful ‘ruffled’ effect.

Gold Foil


 Gold Leaf
 Silver Leaf

100 crystals, size SS5 (1.8mm)

Sugar Crystal



£2.25 each

Caution: do not topcoat your Sugar Crystals - they will lose their natural sparkle. You can topcoat around them if you feel it’s necessary.

Stunning Swarovski crystal rhinestones (we call them Sugar Crystals) to add an extra dimension to your manicures and pedicures.

Flat-backed and small enough to be included into any nail design.

Using a dotting tool or damp orangewood stick, pick up a Sugar Crystal and place on top of wet polish / topcoat.  

Push it slightly into the surface so the polish rises a short way up the side of the crystal - this produces a vacuum effect and holds the crystal in place.

EMBELLISHMENTS for your nail art

3D Nail Gems

£2.50 pot of 3

Taking the 3D nail art craze to the extreme!

3D nail art is bigger than ever and Original Sugar is thinking ahead ensuring you have all you need to stay fashion forward with your manicures.

Our new 'Embellished' range takes the trend to new highs, utilising crowns, crystals, cameos & more, giving you choice and artistic freedom in the nail art you create.

Six gorgeous 3D Nail Gems to choose from, each supplied as a set of 3 of the same design and only £2.50.

 Black Cameo
 Black Tear
 Crystal Tear
 Ornate Frame
 Diamond Frame

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Nuthin’ but a nail thing

Imagination in Colour

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Pardon My Nails


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