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Nail Art at Home Hello

No salon required!

Original Sugar is dedicated to bringing gorgeous nail art within the reach of anyone that loves it! And who doesn’t?

We’re here to share with you our years of industry experience, along with tips, techniques and products that helped along the way!  

Be inspired, be creative, we’ll do the rest.

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Sponging Kit


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Our spun sugar sponging kit is a great little pack which creates the most delicate designs on your finger tips.

Use for applying fine paint lines and dots to your nails, ideal for picking up & placing crystals & other nail embellishments. Loved by professionals everywhere, now it’s your turn!

… and each tool has a 2.5 size dotter on the other end!

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5 sizes, £1.25 ea:
 Size 1
 Size 2
 Size 3
 Size 4
 Size 5

Professional water-based acrylic Nail Art Paints

10 stunning colours

18ml pots

click on the image to get a good view of our size guide

Select your colours:
 Ruby (dark pink)
 Dark Purple


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Nail Art Pen


Simply dip and go! This versatile & unique pen can be dipped straight into the Original Sugar Acrylic Paint; just drain the excess paint from the underside of the nib before drawing your design on your nail. Apply light pressure for fine lines, more pressure for a thicker line.

To clean the Nail Art Pen dip the nib (only) into a strong solution of washing up liquid & warm water then, without rinsing, allow to dry; your paint will glide from the nib the next time you go to use it. Do not immerse the wooden handle in water, it may crack.

Select your colour:

Detail Brush


You can sponge right over your regular polish with either polish or Nail Art Paint (see above).

Kit comprises: 1 sponge and 2 pieces of white tulle (netting), all re-usable

To clean simply wash in warm water and re-use.


LOUD & PROUD from Original Sugar - our very own professional grade, water-based acrylic Nail Art Paint, the latest addition for your ‘at home’ nail art collection.

Create fine detail, lines & swirls using just paint!

This high quality richly pigmented paint works perfectly with nail art tools to create miniature masterpieces on your nails.  

The paint dries quickly on top of your regular nail polish; all that is then needed is a slick of topcoat to protect your design and add a dazzling shine.

The nail paint can be used with the Original Sugar Nail Art Pen and Dotting Tools - and nail art brushes too of course. Have fun!

Nail Art Paints

£2.50 per pot

Price: £9.95

£1.25 each





Get the Look


Get the Look

Use the Detail Brush with Original Sugar Nail Art Paints (above) and paint your design onto dry polish.

To clean simply rinse in warm water. Caution: do not clean in polish remover as this will ruin your brush.

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